• Green Yerba Mate

    Yerba Mate

    Green is the color of grass, plants, Mother Nature. Green is the color of this shawl, obtained from yerba mate (we don´t use chemicals, only natural dyes)

  • Strawberry & Choc

    & Choc

    Modern and fun, classic and current, the perfect combination of pink and dark chocolate.  A must have for your closet.

  • Ruana of tiles and silver

    The Ruana
    of tiles and silver

    Exceptional clear twisted maroon ruana (like a poncho). Easy to wear, you will enjoy the advantages of a long coat and all the advantages of a shawl

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Unique and exclusive garments of pure wool loom>

Yes, we know we have a very special , unique , unrepeatable garments. Our catalog is always very limited, very few units. And every time a sale , it never be repeated : the indescriptble beauty of the handmade .

Along with the shawls and ponchos you see on the cover, because we can only (and want) to produce a few units a week. The process of obtaining wool, its carding, dyeing and his clothing in Argentine Creole looms recover ancient traditions is the reason for this exclusivity.

If you like one ot them, do not hesitate; buy it now!. Maybe in a few days this garment will be embracing the shoulders of someone who, like you, love it well done things, things of true law.